1. What is the Abbreviation for CVLB Sarawak?

CVLB Sarawak is an abbreviation for the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board Sarawak .

2. How many CVLB Sarawak offices are there, including branches?

CVLB Sarawak consists of 1 HQ office in Kuching Sarawak and 2 branch offices in Miri and Sibu.

3. How many types of licenses are issued by CVLB Sarawak?

CVLB Sarawak issues 11 types of licenses. Please refer to the information here.

4. How many types of services are provided by CVLB Sarawak?

CVLB Sarawak provides 6 types of services. Please refer here.

5. Where can I get a license application form and how much does the form cost?

You can get the application form either at the counter or download from here. The form is FREE.

6. How do I make a complaint to CVLB?

i. For inquiries related to license problems/license status/license application, please make inquiries at pertanyaan[at]lpkpsarawak.gov.my

ii. For complaints related to licenses/vehicles, please make a complaint at aduan[at]lpkpsarawak.gov.my