The Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) has been established under Section 3, CVLB ACT 1987 (Act 334) and is responsible for implementing the CVLB Act 1987 (Act 334) and the Rules provided thereunder.

In 2018, the Sarawak Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) was placed under the Ministry of Transport Malaysia to enforce the CVLB Act 1987 (Act 334)

The Sarawak CVLB Headquarters is located in Kuching and has two (2) branch offices in Sibu and Miri.



Leading the transformation of World Class Commercial Vehicle Licensing Services


Ensuring Highly Competitive, Transparent, Integrity and Integrated Commercial Vehicle Licensing Services


  • To plan and establish commercial vehicle licensing policies and conditions

  • Implement the licensing policies, policies and conditions that have been set

  • Encourage potential customers to be licensed with CVLB Sarawak

  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of the implementation of licensing policies, policies and conditions

  • Consider and approve new applications, renew and change the conditions of commercial vehicle licenses based on current needs

  • Enforce the provisions of the law under the CVLB Act 1987 (Act 334) and the relevant rules

  • Monitor legal compliance by commercial vehicle operators

  • Resolve community complaints on commercial vehicle services

  • Resolve community complaints on commercial vehicle services

  • Improving the safety, comfort and fun aspects of public transport

Core and Strategy

Creating business opportunities through the issuance of commercial vehicle licenses to organizations or individuals who are qualified and interested in this field.

Provide training and advisory services to commercial vehicle operators through courses and dialogues to develop an entrepreneurial culture and increase their understanding of CVLB’s new policies and regulations.

Establish new policies and regulations to protect the rights and interests of entrepreneurs and consumers.

Creating a conducive environment to produce competitive entrepreneurs to remain and more creative in an effort to improve the quality of services.

Core & Strategy

Jurisdiction and Functions

  • Consider and approve applications to obtain new licenses, renew and change conditions for all classes of commercial vehicle licenses throughout the states of Sabah and Sarawak
  • Impose conditions on all classes of commercial vehicle licenses which include the determination of fare rates, determination of fare levels, itineraries, number of passengers, area of ​​operation, weight and type of goods, handling matters and other special conditions.
  • Suspend, revoke or impose any appropriate punishment on any class of commercial vehicle license convicted of violating the conditions of the license or failing to comply with any provision of the CVLB Act 1987 (Act 334) and other laws in force.
  • Determine the validity period of the license for all classes of commercial vehicle licenses.

  • Licensing commercial vehicles from Sabah, Brunei, and West Kalimantan Indonesia or other countries allowed to operate in Sarawak.
  • Make a study of new routes before considering the application to obtain a bus license for the routes applied for.
  • Collect records, financial statements, statistics or other documents relating to the business of commercial vehicle licensees.
  • Determine application procedures, process and consider license applications, impose fees, set penalties and determine identification marks to commercial vehicles.