Concerned Intensive Assistance 2020
Published On: October 31, 2021Categories: Announcement

CVLB Sarawak has channeled CONCERNED INTENSIVE ASSISTANCE 2020 ofRM600 to eligible Rental Car Drivers in Sarawak (31 March 2021) and NEAT INTENSIVE ASSISTANCE 2021 of RM500to Taxi Drivers (30 April 2021), Rental Car Drivers (21 April 2021) and E Drivers -Hailing (April 21, 2021) eligible in Sarawak. However, some assistance payment processes cannot be done by the bank due to:-

  1. Recipient’s identity card number error;
  2. Recipient’s bank account number error; and
  3. The bank account number provided is inactive/has been closed.

CVLB Sarawak has tried to contact the eligible drivers but they failed to be contacted. In relation to that, those who are relevant to contact the CVLB Sarawak at telephone line 019-2288052 or 018-9803475 no later than 31 August 2021 (Friday) regarding the matter. Any business / appeal after that date will not be entertained.

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